Strattegy Of Woman’s Street Vendors At Ippi Ende Port In Supporting The Family Economy In The New Normal Era


  • Estherlina Sagajoka University of Flores
  • Reyna Virginia Nona University of Flores


Strategy, Informal Sector, Street Vendors


Street Vendors are one of the alternative jobs in the informal sector, where in the employment dimension. The informal sector is able to accommodate workers without a selection process, and does not require large capital and high skills. The Covid-19 pandemic era had a significant and vulnerable impact on community groups working in the informal sector, namely the decline in the income of women’s street vendors at the Ippi Ende Port. This is due to restrictions on the activity of selling food and beverages around the port and on board the ship when the ship is docked at the port. They have been forced to do work as hawkers to survive and support the family economy for decades. This study aims to find out the strategy carried out by the women’s street vendors group at the Ippi Ende Port in supporting the Family Economy in the New Normal Era of Covid-19. The method used in this study is a qualitative method with an emphasis on the depth of information obtained through interviews, observation and documentation as well as mentoring activities carried out by the cross-religious women’s forum in Ende Regency. The respondents in this study were a group of Women’s Street Vendors at the port of Ippi Ende, totaling 30 people. The results of the study show that the strategy carried out by women street vendors at the Ippi Ende port is to support the family’s economy in order to survive, as follows: Trying to fulfill the income earned or existing income, this is done by 65% of female street vendors who have an elementary education level, Utilize and encourage other family members to earn additional income by conducting sales activities through various activity events, such as sports activities and religious holidays such as ahead of fasting and Eid, Forming a group or organization of women hawkers at the Port of Ippi Ende, named the PAPIE Group (Women Traders of Ippi Ende Port) Working part time as ART, The education possessed will influence strategic decisions to meet the economic needs of the family.




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