Eco-Friendly Based Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises Empowerment Model


  • Christianingrum Christianingrum Bangka Belitung University
  • Putra Pratama Saputra Bangka Belitung University
  • Daniyal Ulyana Bangka Belitung University


Green Industry, Processing Industry, UMKM Empowerment Model


Green business causes a few negative impacts on the environment, both the natural environment, society, and the economy. People are now thinking about the importance of saving the earth and its ecosystem. Therefore every business sector has a moral obligation to run an environmentally friendly business. The purpose of this study is to create an ecologically friendly MSME Empowerment model that is useful for improving the community's economy in the cracker processing industry sector in Kurau Village, Koba District, and Central Bangka Regency. The approach chosen in this study is a quantitative and quantitative research using interviews, observation, and FGD (Focus Group Discussion) techniques, which involved 33 respondents from the cracker processing industry in Kurau Village. The sampling technique used to obtain respondents was a non-probability sampling technique with saturated samples (census). Based on data processing and analysis, it is found that: First, the production process is intended to cover aspects of the production program efficiency, input materials, energy, water, process technology, and human resources. Elements of the production efficiency program further strengthen the production process. Second, environmental management and work safety are meant to cover aspects of waste and the work environment. Elements of the work environment further strengthen ecological management and work safety. Third, company management includes parts of operational standards, charity or donations, and awards. The aspect of operational standards also supports company management




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